Adios y Gracias.

The past six years this space has been a wonderful outlet for me to write out my relationship with Afrolatinidad.  I’ve met people who relate to share the passion for Spanish, afrolatinidad and culture.  This blog was more than just a blog, it was a piece of my life.  I am a Black Girl, in a Latin World…

The past six years has been a wonderful adventure.  Reading comments from you, learning about new parts of Afrolatinidad, and connecting with other bloggers.  I’ve recently felt that I need to focus on another project that’s been itching to get out of me.  I believe that it’s important for an artist to know when it’s time to change things up.

Thank you for the viaje.  Thank you Mom for reading every post and friends for posting.  Thank you to brands for reaching out to collaborate.

My next project is close to my heart, #Teatrolatinegro, a blog that will seek to fill a need in the world for afrolatino theatre.  I’ll still be documenting my experiences with Afrolatinidad and my journey as a playwright in a Latin@ theatre world.  You can follow me on twitter and feel free to reach out via email.

As for now, Black Girl, Latin World is laid to rest, but the community we have built here is still strong.

Thank you and adios (for now).



Es Mi Cancion: “Mentira”- Los Rakas

“Mentira” by Los Rakas

What I enjoy about this song is that it’s perfect for a day laid out on the beach or a kickback with friends.  Los Rakas is the group to watch.  They have been grinding it out for quite some time, so it’s nice to see them pushing and creating music that their fans can appreciate.

Take a listen and leave a comment about what you think about “Mentira”.

Afrolatin@ Theatre Series: Interview with Playwright and Actress Krysta Gonzales

Addressing the call to action in the article “Why We Need Afrolatin@ Theatre,” this series highlights many outstanding Afrolatin@ theatre artists around the United States who diligently offer the world their art. This second installment profiles playwright and actress Krysta Gonzales.

Krysta Gonzales in El Nogalar by Tanya Saracho at Teatro Vivo. Photo by Errich Petersen.


I was captivated by the incredible Krysta Gonzales some time ago when I began following her on Twitter a few months ago. In the age of social media, it is easy to connect with artists who are creating thought-provoking theatre. Gonzales is a bubbly, motivated, and determined “Blaxican” whose work I first caught wind of when my friend mentioned her piece on police brutality called Robin Hood: An Elegy. She has performed in several shows, including Tanya Saracho’s El Nogalar with Teatro Vivo. Krysta has recently starred in Pulitzer Prize- nominee Tanya Barfield’s Bright Half Lifewith Theatre en Bloc in the Pony Shed at the Vortex. Bright Half Life is a moving piece about love, marriage, and taking on the trials of life with the one you love. Now, the star is working on several projects including my own play The Stories of Us. In between her rehearsals, she talked with me about her experiences creating new work, and her passion for Afrolatin@ stories, and which Prince Royce song makes her start dancing!  Check out the article here! Continue reading

5 Laz Alonso quotes to inspire the working artist

As a writer, I am constantly seeking inspiration through quotes, backstories of successful artists that I admire and the people I meet.  I’ve been in love with Afro-Cuban actor Laz Alonso for several years.  It’s my dream to have him star in one of my plays.

Besides the fact that he is guapisimo, Laz is a bit of inspiration for the working artist working to make their dreams come true.  After college, the heartthrob, took a job working in business so that he could finance his dream of being an actor.  And it paid off!  Laz has been featured in blockbusters like Avatar and Jumping the Broom and he is a regular on The Mysteries of Laura.

Here are five quotes from the actor that will inspire you to keep going for your dreams.



On opportunities: Continue reading