Adios y Gracias.

The past six years this space has been a wonderful outlet for me to write out my relationship with Afrolatinidad.  I’ve met people who relate to share the passion for Spanish, afrolatinidad and culture.  This blog was more than just a blog, it was a piece of my life.  I am a Black Girl, in a Latin World…

The past six years has been a wonderful adventure.  Reading comments from you, learning about new parts of Afrolatinidad, and connecting with other bloggers.  I’ve recently felt that I need to focus on another project that’s been itching to get out of me.  I believe that it’s important for an artist to know when it’s time to change things up.

Thank you for the viaje.  Thank you Mom for reading every post and friends for posting.  Thank you to brands for reaching out to collaborate.

My next project is close to my heart, #Teatrolatinegro, a blog that will seek to fill a need in the world for afrolatino theatre.  I’ll still be documenting my experiences with Afrolatinidad and my journey as a playwright in a Latin@ theatre world.  You can follow me on twitter and feel free to reach out via email.

As for now, Black Girl, Latin World is laid to rest, but the community we have built here is still strong.

Thank you and adios (for now).



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