4 Things You Need to Know About Afro-Spanish Rapper El Chojin

If you know anything about the Spanish hip hop scene, you know that El Chojin is one of the most respected artists out there.  His music, style and talent shine.  Here are four facts about the rapper that you need to know.

Photo via Youtube


This guy can rap super fast!

When you try to recite your favorite rap song, you get tongue-tied!  Try recreating El Chojin’s raps.  El Chojin took only 1 minute to rap 921 syllables on his song “Vo-ca-li-za”.  That is 15 syllables per second. Impressive.

He is not afraid to speak his mind.

Chojin is not known for the club-bangers but rather the social commentary in his lyrics. If you take a listen to his project, Mi turno, you will hear what is known to be his most “radical” work as he calls out topics like discrimination, immigrants and racism. Speak Chojin. Speak.

Read more at Las Morenas de Espana!


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