Spotlight of the Month: Black Women Latino Men on Instagram


It wasn’t to long ago that I stumbled upon Black Women Latino Men Connection on Instagram.  I just knew I had to feature the page! Founded by Bianca, the space boasts over 13,000 followers and counting.  What I enjoy about BWLM is the beautiful couples featured on the blog.  Black Women-Latino Men couples are nothing new, but the representation via the media are few and far in between.  Seeing the many BWLM couples reminds me of the wonderful bonds between Black, Brown and Afrolatino communities that need to be shared.  Check out what Bianca has to say about why she started the page, the responses and challenges of intercultural dating.

How and why did you start BWLM?

In high school, the only guys I seemed to be attracted to were the Hispanic guys.  My first love was Dominican.  After that amazing experience, I was hooked. After high school I went to college where there were little to no Hispanic guys and for the first time in my life I started dating black guys and it was cool but I found myself missing the connection I had with Latino guys. Dating a black girl was like winning a prize to them and they had a deeper appreciation of my culture.  They were eager to teach me their culture as well.  I looked for black women and Latino men couples on Instagram to find some people to relate to and see if it was possible or if it could ever work between me and a Latino guy. I ended up finding alot of “swirl” pages about black and white dating but NO pages on bwlm love.  That was when I told my friend about it and I created a page with her to find people who related to me.

Why is it important?
It is important to me because there are black women out who want to date Latino men and Latino men who are  scared to date black women because of what loved ones might think.  I want them both to know there’s people out there just like them.

 What challenge are unique to BWLM couples?
The biggest challenge, I think, is trying to get parents and friends to understand that regardless of race and ethnicity people can still be together. Some couples have to deal with the hateful remarks of strangers that see them together or the stares.  Also, parents to biracial children have to deal with their kid going through identity issues.  Sometimes these problems can get so intense the couples feel like they are forced to break up.

What has been the response to the instagram page?
Surprisingly super well!!! The page has only been up for about a year and a half and has 13k followers. I really thought I’d have a few hundred people who like a few pics but alot of people get really into it. There are few people who met through my page!

What advice do you have for BWLM in love?

You are not alone. Embrace each others culture.  It’s just like any other relationship, so treat it like you would any relationship. And just because you’re a black woman who likes Hispanic guys dosent mean you have any thing against black men and vice versa.  It’s about who you are attracted to and have a good time with.

Any famous BWLM couples that are your favorites
My favorite is Carlos Santana and his wife because they are beautiful together.  They have been together for a while now.

 What more do you hope to see for the Instagram in the future?

Just for my Instagram to continue to grow and continue to inspire others to date outside the box. I never get enough of hearing success stories and how my Instagram has helped people.

Thank you so much for talking with us Bianca.  We wish you and Black Women Latino Men the best!



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