Diasporic Realness Writer’s Guest Month: Ten Tips to Save Money and Travel More


Diasporic Realness is a Guest Writer’s Month dedicated to US telling our stories!

By: Bianca of Itsallbee

I always seem to get asked how I afford to travel so much. There are plenty of people who have this notion that you need to be rich or have lots of money to be able to travel. You dont! I am living proof of this, trust me. Contrary to what people may believe, I am sorry to disappoint you, I do not have a couple of Irish leprechauns churning up gold coins in my imaginary spare room – well not any more anyway. I love it when people say to me “Bee, I can’t afford to travel as much as you do”.
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What I wonder as I Wander like Langston

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As a Black American whose heart  beats for traveling to unknown lands, I geeked out when my best friend handed me a copy of Langston Hughes’s I Wonder As I Wander for graduation. I was finally going to be a aquinted with the stories of a Black American writer who spoke Spanish and habored intense creativity. I longed to hear about Hughes’s reflections as an Afro-American navigating the Afro-influenced country of Cuba.

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A Guest Post on Las Morenas de España: Anxiously Awaiting My Move To Spain

I got the chance to write for Las Morenas de Espana.  Check it out below.

Anxiously Awaiting My Move To Spain

Ever since the fifth grade, I have longed to visit Spain. Maybe it was my long time crush on Enrique Iglesias or the project that I did on Spanish culture in the sixth grade. Whatever it was, Spain was always on my list of places to experience. When I finally got my chance to travel out of the country during my junior year of college, I thought that spending six weeks in Spain would be a no-brainer but I choose Brazil because of the opportunity to work with and learn about Afro-Brazilian culture. It proved to be a grand experience that lit my travel fire.

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