Afrolatin@ Theatre Series: Interview with Playwright and Actress Krysta Gonzales

Addressing the call to action in the article “Why We Need Afrolatin@ Theatre,” this series highlights many outstanding Afrolatin@ theatre artists around the United States who diligently offer the world their art. This second installment profiles playwright and actress Krysta Gonzales.

Krysta Gonzales in El Nogalar by Tanya Saracho at Teatro Vivo. Photo by Errich Petersen.


I was captivated by the incredible Krysta Gonzales some time ago when I began following her on Twitter a few months ago. In the age of social media, it is easy to connect with artists who are creating thought-provoking theatre. Gonzales is a bubbly, motivated, and determined “Blaxican” whose work I first caught wind of when my friend mentioned her piece on police brutality called Robin Hood: An Elegy. She has performed in several shows, including Tanya Saracho’s El Nogalar with Teatro Vivo. Krysta has recently starred in Pulitzer Prize- nominee Tanya Barfield’s Bright Half Lifewith Theatre en Bloc in the Pony Shed at the Vortex. Bright Half Life is a moving piece about love, marriage, and taking on the trials of life with the one you love. Now, the star is working on several projects including my own play The Stories of Us. In between her rehearsals, she talked with me about her experiences creating new work, and her passion for Afrolatin@ stories, and which Prince Royce song makes her start dancing!  Check out the article here! Continue reading


The Stories of Us Cast:Tarik Daniels

You may know that the play that I wrote that was featured in the Austin Latino New Play Festival in 2015 was picked up by Teatro Vivo for their 2015-2016 season.  And showtime is upon us!  The show is directed by the fabulously talented Florinda Bryant (who slays at teatro is you ask me!) and brought to life by a beautiful ensemble of artists.
I wanted to take the time to connect with the members of the cast and crew to hear about their experiences and their stories.   Today, the spotlight is on the talented ensemble member Tarik Daniels!
Tarik Daniels is an actor and playwright.  He  wrote the plays The Counseling Session and STIGMA. Tarik is a proud graduate of Bowling Green State University, B.A and member of Spectrum Theatre Company in Austin, TX. As an actor, he has had roles in BGSU Theatre Department’s Six Degrees of Separation, The Dutchman, Times Square Angel, SSE’s Better Than He Can, and Austin Shakespeare’s Medea.

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The Afrolatin@ Theatre Series:Actress, Writer, and Theatre Mogul Florinda Bryant

Addressing the call to action in the article “Why We Need Afrolatin@ Theatre,” this series highlights many outstanding Afrolatin@ theatre artists around the United States who diligently offer the world their art. This first installment profiles actress, writer, and Salvage Vanguard Theater’s Managing Director Florinda Bryant.

  Florinda Bryant. Photo courtesy of Florinda Bryant.

I met the vibrant Florinda Bryant in May of 2015 when she was performing in a staged reading of my play The Stories of Us. I knew that I wanted to continue working with her the moment she took a line that I had no intention of being humorous and made the audience laugh. There is something about certain people who have a spark and Bryant has it. After the performance, I got the chance to speak with her and was deeply inspired by her passion for theatre and telling Black and Brown stories. Continue reading

Thank you, Professor Stephen Gerald

Stephen Gerald walking around us as we acted a class party scene in 2009.

Stephen Gerald walking around us as we acted out a class party scene in 2009.

Professor Gerald, one of my dearest mentors, passed away last week.  I was broken up when I heard the news.  I had been knowing him for six years and everytime I needed encouragement or advice he was there to help. Gerald had a Morgan Freeman-like voice and a sly smile. His skin was a deep brown and his heart was always warm. I remember spending many meetings in his office, which was a collage of his expereinces and inspirations, listening to him answer my countless questions with sincere honesty. Continue reading

My play The Stories of Us at the Austin Latino New Play Festival



A few months ago, I got the news of my life.  The Austin Latino New Play Festival called and they wanted to do a staged reading of my play The Stories of Us .  This piece has come a long way since a small workshop in 2013.  But more on the process later.  If you are in the Austin-area, check out the festival.  My play is May 16th at 8pm.

The Stories of Us is a collection of stories that dig deep into the intercultural conflict between African Americans and Latinos, African diaspora identity, and Afrolatinidad. This scrapbook of experiences, histories, and feelings takes its audience through African roots in Mexico, the time you told your brother you were dating a “black girl,” and that moment you were proud of your heritage, combining to reveal people of color trying to navigate each other’s worlds and build one together.

May 14-16 3 nights, 3 great new Latino plays Austin Latino New Play Festival with ScriptWorks at the Emma S. Barrientos Mexican American Cultural Center Get your tixs on line –