The Latinegr@s Who Inspire Me

Let’s be real.  On this journey called life, we have folks who keep us going.  As a Black American engrossed in and connected to Afro-Latinidad, I find real inspiration in the tenacity, creativity and shear brilliance of the writer’s, artists, activists, and scholars on this list.  Whenever I feel ‘some type of way’ about my journey, these are some of the members of the grand diasporic familia that I look to for guidance in their work/words/social media presence/etc.

The LatiNegrxs Project Team


These folks.  As a team, they are some of the most inspiring individuals ever.  Each comitted to the cause of LatiNegrxs awareness.   I learn so much about activism, academia, art, culture and life in our meetings and I can’t thank them enough for allowing me to be apart of it all.  Daniel, Bianca, Jessica, Vio, Marissa, Kayla and Anna thank you. Continue reading