The Space for Afrolatin@ Theatre and Art

It’s been a while.

I appreciate the constant comments and emails with ideas and reflections.

I’ve been working writing plays, plays and more plays.

That work has given me the revelation that I need to do something a bit different with Black Girl, Latin World. Continue reading


Diasporic Realness Guest Writer’s Month: The Future Examples


Diasporic Realness is a Guest Writer’s Month dedicated to US telling our stories!


Growing up how I did, and where I did, it is easy to say that there was a lack of positive male role models. Not so much in work ethic, because my Father breathed that, not so much in chivalry, because my Grandfather demonstrated that, and not so much spiritually because my mentor walked that. I mean being educationally and financially comfortable.

I come from humble beginnings. Both of my parents came to the United States with a 6th grade education, my father came here at 16 and my mother at 21. They didn’t care what a job paid; it was more so the stability that made them feel secure. My Mother made $2.75 an hour, and my father started at $4.88 an hour. Obviously, this meant nothing to me when I didn’t know the value of things.  I wanted the fresh Jordan’s, the new Nike jersey’s.  I wanted to be branded by name brands, that’s what defined you growing up. Continue reading