A Guest Post on Las Morenas de España: Anxiously Awaiting My Move To Spain

I got the chance to write for Las Morenas de Espana.  Check it out below.

Anxiously Awaiting My Move To Spain

Ever since the fifth grade, I have longed to visit Spain. Maybe it was my long time crush on Enrique Iglesias or the project that I did on Spanish culture in the sixth grade. Whatever it was, Spain was always on my list of places to experience. When I finally got my chance to travel out of the country during my junior year of college, I thought that spending six weeks in Spain would be a no-brainer but I choose Brazil because of the opportunity to work with and learn about Afro-Brazilian culture. It proved to be a grand experience that lit my travel fire.

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6 Songs That Make Me Dance like the Dancing Cow


If you’ve seen that video, you know that that cow single handedly shut the internet down!  Filled with so much life, whoever was in that cow costume danced their behind off.  You music lovers know that music can do that to you!

“Suavemente” by Elvis Crespo is one song that takes me back to a middle school crush.  We all have those songs that take us to a specific moment in time. These trigger emotion.  But what about the song that makes you break it down like the dancing cow in the supermarket?  Songs that make you lose yourself in the music and just “get it”.  Below is a list of songs that don’t have a particular moment attached to them but they just make me stop whatever I’m doing and dance like no one is watching.

1. Danza Kuduro-Don Omar

2. Me Vuelvo Un Cobarte-Christian Daniel

3. Ta Lista-Los Rakas

4. Ella Es Mi Fiesta-Carlos Vives

5. El Mar de Sus Ojos ft. ChocQuibTo-Carlos Vives

6. Bailando-Enrique Iglesias


What songs get you moving?  What songs are on your workout playlist?  Comment below or tweet me your faves!