Diasporic Realness: Press Through the Process


By: Valencia Campbell of Church Decoded

There are a lot of things in life that I have faced and easily conquered. Law school is definitely not one of them. Now, just about every day before I actually started, I loved the idea of going to law school. I was proud to tell everybody that I was going to law school, and everybody supported me. It…was…great. Now, I actually started law school three weeks ago. To be completely honest, I have hated every day of it until about two days ago. I had 80 pages of readings due ON THE FIRST DAY (we’re not in undergrad anymore, Valencia), so I started off behind. I had an hour commute to and from class each day for the first week. I had to juggle all that comes with moving with all that comes with law school (and being behind). It was terrible….and it taught me more than I could’ve ever imagined about starting the journey in a terrible position. Continue reading


Diasporic Realness Guest Writer’s Month: Dear Girls


Diasporic Realness is a Guest Writer’s Month dedicated to US telling our stories!

By: Ishia Lynette

Dear Black Girl,

I love to see you smile and with so much joy in your eyes.

I know the world is cold and sometimes its hard to find the courage to stand.

Remember where you come from,

Remember all your ancestors endured,

Remember the purpose of this all.

You are not another “angry black woman”,

You are not another single mother statistic.

You are living proof that determination and perseverance always shine.

Don’t ever let anyone take away everything you have worked so hard to become.

Dont you dare fret when you stand tall against the powers that work diligently to break your revolution down.

Be about everything you stand for.

Be you! Thats all any of us can do.

Continue reading