Diasporic Realness Guest Writer’s Month: My Hair/ Mi Pelo “Malo”


Diasporic Realness is a Guest Writer’s Month dedicated to US telling our stories!

By: Anyiné of Afrolatina Natural

“Mommy, I hate my hair!”

A few years back, when my daughter Leila was five years old, she came home from school with a somber face. As usual, I asked about her day eager to hear another funny Kindergarten story. However, this time there was no typical ten minute long Kindergarten story full of long pauses, stutters and tangents. Instead I heard, “Mommy… I HATE my hair!”

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Diasporic Realness: Telling Our Stories- The First Ever Guest Writers Month


Diasporic Realness: Telling Our Stories is here! What is it you ask?  It is Black Girl, Latin World’s first ever guest writers month!  A whole month of new voices, fresh perspectives and a lot of Blackness.

Want to be apart of it? Hit up BGLW in the contact box below with a brief pitch on what you want to write.  In addition to articles, creative submissions like poetry, essays, video content, reflections and the like are great. Please make sure the content is your own.


Tienes que hacer cayo



I was talking about life as a 20-something year old with one of my friends, Rebecca. I was filling her in on the good, the bad, the ugly.  Lamenting about how life is turning out a bit different than I envisioned 10 years ago.  In mid-sentence, my friend asked me if I had seen a guitar player’s fingers.

I said, “yes”.  Although, I was a bit confused as to why she asked me about a guitar player’s’ fingers.

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SPOTLIGHT Of the Month: Q &A with Artist/Photographer Hakeem Adewumi

Every month, Black Girl, Latin World likes to showcase beautiful Black artists that make us think and feel.   This month’s addition to the Spotlight of the Month is none other than Visual Artist/Photographer Hakeem Adewumi.  Check out this interview where Hakeem goes in on diaspora, art and why he pursues his passion!

PHOTO CREDIT: Hakeem Adewumi

PHOTO CREDIT: Hakeem Adewumi

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