5 Laz Alonso quotes to inspire the working artist

As a writer, I am constantly seeking inspiration through quotes, backstories of successful artists that I admire and the people I meet.  I’ve been in love with Afro-Cuban actor Laz Alonso for several years.  It’s my dream to have him star in one of my plays.

Besides the fact that he is guapisimo, Laz is a bit of inspiration for the working artist working to make their dreams come true.  After college, the heartthrob, took a job working in business so that he could finance his dream of being an actor.  And it paid off!  Laz has been featured in blockbusters like Avatar and Jumping the Broom and he is a regular on The Mysteries of Laura.

Here are five quotes from the actor that will inspire you to keep going for your dreams.


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To be Practical or to be Brave

Via Giphy

I was watching Jane the Virgin a few weeks ago and there was a scene in which Jane remembers the conversation she had with her beau Rafael when they first met. Rafael asks Jane about her aspirations. Instead of replying with an occupation, Jane smiles and utters a question that we all ask ourselves when faced with life decisions: “Am I being practical or brave? ” She ends up explaining both of her dreams; a practical goal to become a teacher and a lofty aspiration to become a writer.
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