Steps and Stages

This after-college life is blissful, but it hasn’t come without its challenges.  When faced with a challenge, its important to fill yourself with positivity.   My mother recently encouraged me to continue my practice of positive videos with encouraging messages. 

This video, “Steps” from a lesson on leadership from Bishop TD Jakes sent chills up my spine.  What TD Jakes is saying is that in life and on our journey there are steps that we are taking to get to our dreams.  If you are going through something that is particularly challenging, it is because it is preparing you for the next step.  It is pushing you in place for the next thing.  It is making you a better person.

TD Jakes was saying that people want to move forward to their dreams super fast. We are all guilty of that. We want to be a world renowned writers like NOW.  But if we got it tomorrow would we be able to handle it?  Would we be able to handle the long hours?  Would we be able to handle the workload?  Our current jobs are teaching us a ton.  It’s a stepping stone.  A journey.

Keep all that in mind when you are living day to day.  Each level takes you through something.  You can’t give up.  You have to keep going.  You are an inspiration to someone. Don’t stop fighting.


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