Why I Cried While Watching Celia


via Wikimedia

Celia will always hold a special place in my heart.  She was one of the first visions of Blackness and Latinidad that I had ever seen.  I only appreciated her greatness in college.  Discovering her “La Negra Tiene Tumbao” during my student breaks in the Spanish and Portuguese building.  Celia was a beckon of hope for las negras all over the world.  So when Telemundo was all set to do a show loosely based off La Reyna’s life, I was a bit excited.

You all don’t know what Celia means to me.  As a Black woman Spanish speaker, seeing Mama Celia on a youtube video being the light that she is brought a happiness to my life like none other.

 I saw unapologetic Blackness take centerstage


Celia shows brown faces on a network that has historically excluded them.  There are three visibly Black characters in leading roles on this show.  Werquelo.

 It’s a show honoring a Black woman


Black women are fierce, astounding and astonishing.  #blackgirlsaremagic Celia is the queen of lifting up us Negras!

“Esa negrita no pasa de moda.”

For more information about the show, check it out here.

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