What a year for Black Girl, Latin World


Didn’t I tell you?

Didn’t I tell you that this was going to be THE year for Black Girl, Latin World?  Thank you for making it happen.

Here are some highlights!

Starting Spotlight of the Month

I started a new segment called Spotlight of the Month that honors Afrodiasporic champions!

SPOTLIGHT OF THE MONTH: Q & A with Afro-Latina Poet Jasminne Mendez

SPOTLIGHT OF THE MONTH: Q&A with Black Chicana Writer Ishia Lynette

Being featured on popular blogs/websites

I was honored to have the opportunity to be featured on a few websites for my work.

Quirky Brown Love: Girl You Better Quirk

7 Black Bloggers Talk Stereotypes That Are Plaguing the Black Community

Robinson Wonders and Wanders Over

Austin Latino New Play Festival brings fresh voices to forefront

Presente: A Roll Call of New Latino/a Plays

Contributing to Blogs I love

I’ve watched the writers of these blogs build their empire brick by brick.  For these writers to allow me put my words on their platform, I am so grateful.

Ain’t I Latina?

How I Round


Las Morenas de Espana

Dear Queens

Twenties Unscripted

Who Is Amber Janae

Twenties State of Mind

Quirky Brown Love

Joining the LatiNegrxs Project Team

Getting a blogger’s award from Quirky Brown Love

Hosting my first  Guest Writer’s Month

My first Guest bloggers MONTH featuring writers like Tamika Burgess and Rowkay that I have admired for the longest.


Receiving Love from writers I’ve admired: Kevin Sabio and the Boriqua Chicks. 

Jumping up and down when The Colored Boy and the Bad Dominicana started following me on twitter.

Being featured in The Austin Latino New Play Festival



And a rewrite reading of my play in October 2015.

Realizing that I can do anything I set my mind to.

This was the first year that I declared that I was a writer.  I focused on that goal with every ounce of my being.  No more being a JACK of all trades.  I decided to MASTER something.  With no fear, I’ve decided to take on my life’s purpose.

Black Girl, Latin World will always be my space on the internet.  It will always be the way that I connect, communicate and serve you a weekly dose of afrolatinidad through the lens of an African American con la alma Latina.

I hope you will continue walk with me on this journey.  Thank you.

How was your year?  What did you learn?  What goals did you accomplish?  What didn’t you accomplish?  Let me know in the comment section below.




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