The Latinegr@s Who Inspire Me

Let’s be real.  On this journey called life, we have folks who keep us going.  As a Black American engrossed in and connected to Afro-Latinidad, I find real inspiration in the tenacity, creativity and shear brilliance of the writer’s, artists, activists, and scholars on this list.  Whenever I feel ‘some type of way’ about my journey, these are some of the members of the grand diasporic familia that I look to for guidance in their work/words/social media presence/etc.

The LatiNegrxs Project Team


These folks.  As a team, they are some of the most inspiring individuals ever.  Each comitted to the cause of LatiNegrxs awareness.   I learn so much about activism, academia, art, culture and life in our meetings and I can’t thank them enough for allowing me to be apart of it all.  Daniel, Bianca, Jessica, Vio, Marissa, Kayla and Anna thank you.

Boriqua Chicks


Can we talk about how much I actually learn from these two media mavens?  Their website is a wonderful resource of information on the Afro-Latin@ expereicne, entertainment news and opinion pieces.  I enjoy watching their dedication to uplifting Afrolatin@ voices and their relentless work on their brand.  Keep up the great work ladies.

Tamika Burgess


Ever since I discovered the writer’s wonderful blog, I was hooked.  Her writing feels like she is having a conversation with the reader.  I have had the opportunity to connect with Ms. Burgess and she has been very helpful in the advice department.  Not to mention, she is one of the hardest working mujeres in the business.  Her work is literally everywhere!

The Colored Boy


The Colored Boy (Alex Hardy) manages to make me laugh, think and wish I could come up with clever lines like he does.  I was super touched by his honest piece on being overwhelmed.  Not many people are super transparent about their experiences and challenges.  It’s hard being vulnerable!   It’s that knack for truth that keeps me tuning into his work.


Of course, there are many more of my Latinegrx herman@s that help me draw inspiration when my will will not allow me to write.  These are four of the many writers who keep me writing,  answer my tweets or write articles that I can’t help but share.  These are the faces who show me that I, as a Black, Morena, Negra, can speak my truth and for that I am grateful.



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