Seen Elsewhere: Our Big Afro-Descendant Sisterhood

Via Giphy

I remember sitting with a friend who identified as Afro-Latina.  She beamed with joy as she told me about her Afro-Cuban friend from class, her coworker from Guyana, and me, a Black American she met through a mutual friend. The bond that she felt with all of us was special. Despite our ethnic and cultural differences, we were all Black women. We may go by different names, speak contrasting languages and dance to separate music, but we all are apart of an unspoken sisterhood.

Afro-Latina, Black American, and Afro-Caribbean women move through the world with radiance. We have a light about us. Our smiles light up the room, our skin is illuminating and our hair is wondrous.  It’s true what they say: #BlackGirlsAreMagic.  Unfortunately, the gatekeepers of society don’t recognize or appreciate our uniqueness. But since when do we care? We’ve created our own Queendom.

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