Sin miedo


Author’s note: This post has actually been in my draft box for since 2013.  Now, it has resurfaced right when I needed it.  With a few tweaks, here is a piece on faith that I scripted years ago, that still holds true today.

“Once we drop the fear we can go where (it) really taking us.”–L.E. Porto

That quote came from one of my Spanish professor’s classes.  Instead of telling us about the Spanish conquest of Latin America, he decided to use that lecture to tell us about life.  In English.  You know a professor has something real to say when he neglects the lecture language.  I remember being captivated by his tales of travel, discovery and education. What impacted me the most was the moment he talked about being fearless.

When we were children we taught that we can do anything.  We could become a world famous ballerina.  We could become an astronaut.  We could become teachers. We believed beyond a shadow of a doubt that our imagination could manifest our wildest dreams.  What happened to our childish faith? What happened to being fearless? What happened to fighting dragons head on and discovering unknown lands?

I miss those days.  Those days when I didn’t let statistics, negative statements from others or self-depreciating thoughts stand in my way.  I don’t just miss those days; I am walking in those days.  I am taking them back.

I see so many people give up on their dreams without even trying.  The “real” world has a way of making you think practically; It’s good to have a plan and a back up plan.  My problem is when you focus on your back up plan and forget your purpose.  My problem is when you let fear deprive you of your aspirations.

Nothing is easy.  The greatest in their fields didn’t get there because they sat on their butts and wished on a star.  A dream may be a wish your heart makes but a dream will stay in your head if you don’t get up and work at it.

I get scared sometimes.  Hearing the statistics of every person who tried and failed and failed.  There are so many negative outlooks that sometimes my faith in God tends to get clouded.  One conversation with my mom changes that.  My friends, mentors and professors actually think that my dreams aren’t foolish.  You have to keep you a legion of believers in your corner cheering you on.  You have to realize that you can’t go at a dream alone.

Is realizing your dream even possible?  You better bet it is.  Many folks have failed but many have conquered.  That is because their faith was greater than their fear.  Live fearlessly.  If your dream is to speak Spanish fluently, you must get over that fear of using a word wrong.  If your dream is to act, you can’t let the possibility of messing up your lines stop you from taking the stage.  Live boldly. 

What have you been afraid to do and how are you going to overcome that fear?



2 thoughts on “Sin miedo

  1. afrotasticlady says:

    Lovely and encouraging post! Thank you for sharing! To answer that last question, I have always been afraid to fully embrace the writer in me. I think starting my blog has allowed me to write more, but I still hold onto the childhood dream of writing books, etc. I think blogging is a step toward embracing the writer in me. It’s encouraging to read the blogs of others and hear about their dreams.

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