Thank you to the writers of Diasporic Realness: A Guest Writer’s Month


Thank you to each of the amazing Writer’s who blessed Black Girlz, Latin World with their time and talent this month. Thank you for telling your truth and being apart of it.  Thank you to everyone who showed interest and submitted a piece.  I had no idea that this would end up touching so many people.

Just in case you missed them. Here are the brilliant pieces from this year’s Diaspora Realness Guest Writer’s Month.

My Hair/Mi Pelo MaloAnyiné

Dear Girls  Ishia Lynette

Yes, Black People Do Dance to ‘Spanish Music’Tamika Burgess

The Future ExamplesRowkay

Ten Tips to Save Money and Travel More Bianca

Chocolate and Vanilla: Learning to Love My Skin Color– Anali Martinez

God, Identity and Confidence- Moriah Holmes

Felicia Tries Poetry- Felicia Fitzpatrick

Press Through The ProcessValencia Campbell

A Caribbean Girl in a Conservative Fashion World- Tamara Holder


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