Diasporic Realness Guest Writer’s Month: Felicia Tries Poetry


Diasporic Realness is a Guest Writer’s Month dedicated to US telling our stories!

By: Felicia Fitzpatrick
to a fictional character named nate:
seeing the cuts and craters in his skin
the wear and tear of being beat for years
weathered by oppression
the lump of unheard justice
got stuck in my throat
my eyes sting with familiarity
because they’ve seen this all before:
his complete and utter resignation.

a passiveness and acceptance of defeat.

to the white boys:
i’m tired of being your play thing
the side piece friend that raises your street cred
your tongue dancing with unspoken affection
getting caught and tripped up over one simple thing,
i am a beautiful biracial woman.
you’re intrigued by my natural kinks and curls
while spouting off ignorant phrases
entranced by the curves of my body
outlining the inversion between my hips and my breasts with your eyes
wishing it was with your fingertips
you swell with pride when your friends nod with approval
your gloating is amusing, and the smug excitement
to have found the one who fills your black-friend quota

(in a non-threatening way)

to the little girl on the train:
after an exhausting day
that started off with a cup of coffee
topped off with cynicism
thank you for scanning the world with curiosity
your eyes wide in wonderment.
thank you for the big grin as you
try to fit your knees in your t-shirt,
reminding me that joy can be found
in even the smallest of actions.
thank you for holding your mom’s hand
as you confidently exited the train, headed for your next adventure.
stay strong, little one. for i’m scared about
what you’re about to experience.
sexism, racism, and even more -isms we don’t know yet!
keep your eyes open, keep grinning,
and stay confident as you head out on your next adventure.
after an exhausting day
that started off with a cup of coffee
topped off with cynicism
i remembered myself as a little girl
and said thank you.

Felicia Fitzpatrick lives in NYC. She works in digital content by day, sings Broadway songs in her shower by night. She has contributed to BuzzFeed, Femsplain, and maintains her blog Twenties State of Mind when she feels like it.

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