I am tired of being angry

PHOTO CREDIT: countercurrentnews.com

After the Sandra incident happened, a friend called me and expressed their feelings about the incident. They were upset about the injustices that Black folk are experiencing. I later had another conversation with another friend and while they were infuitated with the unfairness of the situation, they also noted that there are certain ways that Black folk should act to avoid police brutality.  At this moment, my facebook and twitter feeds are full of thoughtful responses to the event.

The question is where do I stand on the issue?

Truthfully, I am at a loss for words at the actions that police officers are taking against unarmed people. Having a badge should not mean that you abuse your power. But let’s be honest this has been happening for the past decade forever and I am tired of being angry. It’s time for me to use my platform to do something about it.

What does that look like?

For me that is writing with honesty, boldness and love. Black people, we need love now more than ever. Love of each other and love of ourselves.  Love of the creator.

Because of my belief in God, I pray for protection in all situations and I refuse to live in fear because of the color of my skin.

The color of my skin is a badge of honor, not a death wish.

To all of those affected by police brutality near and abroad (because Black people are being mistreated everywhere), I sincerely love you. Maybe my love is not doing anything or maybe it is…but it is there. Stay strong.

© Jelisa Jay Robinson and Black Girl, Latin World, 2015


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