Spotlight of the Month: Bonaverense

A few months ago, I stumbled upon an awesome project in on my Instagram.   After reading the post introducing the organization, I was immediately struck by the passion and mission of this organization and I just knew I had to share it with you all!  Black Girl, Latin World is all about passion, purpose and changing the world.  We love to support and recognize people and orgs doing great things.


PHOTO CREDIT: Bonaverense

Bonaverense, a non-profit dedicated to providing youth on Colombia’s pacific coast with educational resources, was founded during the summer of 2014 by Jor Alexis Arcila.  Its focus is encouraging youth of the Colombian Pacific through soccer and education.  By providing opportunities for the young folk in this area to play soccer and have a better education, Bonaverense is helping the community to empower themselves.  One of Bonaverse’s goals is to build a soccer academy in Buenaventura, Colombia.  Many in the population of the Colombian Pacific are Afro-descendants and that is why this project struck a cord with me.

PHOTO CREDIT: Bonaverense

Why is this work important?

It’s a proven fact that health and wellness are important to everyone.  Bonaverense understands that soccer brings health and fitness mentally and physically.  An individual with positive health has a better social, physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual state.  Soccer gives youth the avenue to build bonds, gain pride in their community and stay healthy.

Off to a great start

Bonaverense may have started a few months ago but it has hit the ground running!  Already making connections with other orgs, developing a steady presence at local events and receiving nonprofit status!  One of the most recent accomplishments was a youth book drive for the youth of Buenaventura, Colombia.  The book drive reached out to communities in Houston, New York and other cities to provide books for youth overseas.

Over 500+ books here, along with roughly 100 pairs of shoes for the Thankful for education bookdrive. These donations will help communities in Bonaverse empower themselves! PHOTO CREDIT: Bonaverense

How can you get involved?

Follow Bonaverense on social media for opportunities to volunteer and get involved with the non-profit.

Keep up the awesome work, Bonaverense!  We are looking forward to the continued progress of this project. 


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