A Night in the Caribbean and Afro-Latino Music Connection

This semester I (along with the organization I am a part of Latin America Network, Ana Hernandez, the African and African Diaspora Department and the Latin American Studies Department) spearheaded two events A Night in the Caribbean and the Afro-Latino Music Connection! February 18th, 2014—Latin America Network, a UT Austin campus organization, organized “A Night in the Caribbean” during Black History Month to honor the African roots of the Caribbean.  It was an amazing night full of Afro-Caribbean music, great food and dancing taught by Texas Latin Dance.  Students were able to dance, enjoy food and even engage in dialogue about the African roots of Latin music.  The best part was the dancing!  Check out the photos taken by Ana Hernandez.



Our music panel featured some of UT Austin’s music experts like Dr. Robin Moore, Juan Agudelo, and Cory Lafevers discussing the roots of African music in contemporary pop music of CUBA, BRAZIL, AND COLOMBIA. Events like these are happening all over campus and add to the diversity of UT’s campus.  I am extremely proud to be a part of that work here.


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