Wonderful Tree Theatre Group Promotes Black Pride in Santo Domingo

“The theater group Wonderful Tree has visited schools all over Santo Domingo and some in the countryside to spread the word among black children that their features and heritage should be a source of pride.” says an article the Washington Post.  The actresses in the story counter the age old notions of Black not being beautiful by playing a story where Black women are princesses.  In the Dominican Republic, lighter skin is prized and many are not proud of their African heritage so these images are not what these students would normally see.

The play tackles big issues in the country like GOOD HAIR and BAD HAIR…that sounds familiar.  Similar to Blacks in the United States, Dominicans with curly hair get straighteners to make it straight.  The women in the Wonderful Tree play wear their hair natural to show that natural hair is beautiful.

Their decision to do this play in a school is a great one.  You never know what one event can change the ways young Black/Mulatoo/of African descent children see themselves.  I’m glad that this theatre group is showing how art can inspire pride.

Keep up the great work!

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